3- COMD 5330, Aural Rehabilitation

Honor code the usu honor code will be strictly

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Unformatted text preview: ving or receiving of any unauthorized aid or assistance or the actual giving or receiving of any unfair advantage on any form of academic work, or attempts thereof. ·ȡ Plagiarism - - Plagiarism includes the copying of the language, structure, ideas and/or thoughts of another and passing off same as one's own, original work, or attempts thereof. ·ȡ Falsification - - Falsification includes the statement of any untruth, either verbally or in writing, with respect to any circumstances relevant to one's academic work, or attempts thereof. Such acts include, but are not limited to, the forgery of official signatures, tampering with official records, fraudulently adding or deleting information on academic documents such as add/drop requests, or fraudulently changing an examination or other academic work after the testing period or due date of the assignment. Honor Code: The USU honor code will be strictly enforced in this class. Any suspect...
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