3- COMD 5330, Aural Rehabilitation

The final exam is made up of all multiple choice

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Unformatted text preview: n the exam. The final exam is made up of all multiple choice questions. Each exam is worth 100 points and the third exam will constitute the final. The third exam will cover unit 3 and so will not be comprehensive. 4 Grading: The following university approved grading scale will be used: 93-100 = A 90-92 = A87-89 = B+ 83-86 = B 80-82 = B77-79 = C+ 73-76 = C 70-72 = C60-69 = D < 60 = F TENTATIVE COURSE SCHEDULE/READING ASSIGNMENTS See information in Canvas online course – pay particular attention to the course calendar and the documents found under “Start Here” on the Home Page for the course. P Important Additional Information: Please read carefully! Graduation: All students who desire a degree must have a graduation application filled out and submitted to the graduation office at USU during the first part of the semester PRIOR to the semester of graduation. Students can fill out an online application for graduation at http://www.usu.edu/registrar/htm/graduation/apply- online Upon receipt of the graduation packet, students should sign and mail it to: Dee Child Utah...
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