3- COMD 5330, Aural Rehabilitation

You will receive additional feedback beyond the grade

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Unformatted text preview: You will receive additional feedback beyond the grade on some of the questions but not all. This activity will help you think about questions that are important to consider when trying to help someone with a hearing loss communicate better. Some questions on the exams in this course will also come from case studies where you will answer similar questions to those posed in these case study assignments, only for a person with a different hearing loss and background. A third case study is provided in Unit 3 for your learning but is not an assignment. The third case is needed so that you can study it to prepare for the final exam. This case is called “Final Case Study” and is found under Unit three in the Course Content web page. More information on how to study this third case study for the final will be given prior to the final exam in the course. 2. Reading and independent thought and study 3. Weekly quizzes on the reading. Each quiz is worth 10 points. The material to be covered in the quiz is given in the weekly sch...
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