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Unformatted text preview: The second clue comes from the hundreds of The second clue comes from the hundreds of varieties (cultivars) that exist, some 1000 according to experts. Besides their intrinsic value to farmers and consumers, these varieties constitute a reservoir of variability from which solutions to pest and disease problems and the stresses brought about by a changing climate and a degraded land base can be drawn. However, many of them —not to mention their wild relatives—are disappearing at an alarming rate. The world's favorite fruit There is more to the banana than the There is more to the banana than the ‘Cavendish’ banana plucked from obscurity in the 1950s to become the industry standard. Although the export banana is grown in large monocultures and appears in supermarkets all around the world, it accounts for one in eight… or 13% of the some 100 million metric tonnes of bananas produced each year. Bananas are popular with Bananas are popular with farmers because they are easy to grow and do not need to be replanted each season. They are the backbone of food and...
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