Furtheruponthe stalkareclustersof immaturebananasthat

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Unformatted text preview: nt is actually a giant The banana plant is actually a giant herb that produces a large, pendant (drooping) flower stalk (inflorescence) bearing male and female flowers. Stamen­bearing male flowers are produced in clusters at the end of the stalk, just above the large, purple bracts that appear like a giant bud. Ovary­ bearing female flowers are produced in clusters farther up the flower stalk and give rise to clusters of banana fruits. An herb An herb disguised as a tree. Bananas do not grow on trees. The banana plant is a herb. What looks like a trunk is actually a false stem, a pseudostem, made from the overlaying of leaf sheaths. Banana corms Banana A corm is a short, vertical, swollen A corm is a short, vertical, swollen underground plant stem that serves as a storage organ. Taro corms A banana plant in full bloom. The elongate, pendant, bisexual flower stalk has purple bracts at the end resembling a large bud. Just above the purple bracts are clusters of old, stamen­bearing male flowers. Further up on the stalk are clusters of immature bananas that developed from clusters...
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