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Unformatted text preview: nas are the most Bananas are the most profitable export crop in the world. The industry is worth 12 billion dollars per year and supports 400 million people, many living well below the poverty line. After rice, wheat and milk, After rice, wheat and milk, bananas are the fourth most valuable food. In export, it ranks fourth among all agricultural commodities and is the most significant of all fruits, with world trade totaling $2.5 billion annually. Yet, only 10% of the annual global Yet, only 10% of the annual global output of 86 million tons enters international commerce. Much of the remaining harvest is consumed by poor subsistence farmers in tropical Africa, the Americas and Asia. For most of the latter producers, bananas and plantains (which is a type of banana) are staple foods. Bananas are the main fruit in Bananas are the main fruit in international trade and the most popular one in the world. In terms of volume they are the first exported fruit, while they rank second after citru...
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