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The attachedhalfdozen bananaswebuyina

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Unformatted text preview: starch, flour, and chips are processed banana products whose markets are yet to be fully developed. Banana diversity on sale in Micronesia. Bananas ready for shipment at a Puerto Rican packing shed. packing Agricultural worker transports bananas on a farm in Brazil. Local Honduran businesses sell far more plantains than bananas. Plantains Plantains Street vendor Street in Honduras Top Banana Producing Nations ­ 2005 Top Banana Producing Nations ­ 2005 (in million metric tons) India 16.8 Brazil 6.7 China 6.4 Ecuador 5.9 Philippines 5.8 Indonesia 4.5 Costa Rica 2.2 Mexico 2.0 Thailand 2.0 Distribution of the world banana production production Global distribution of banana output in 2005 2005 Global distribution of plantain output in 2005 Each plant produces Each plant produces what banana growers call a single “bunch” [shown here]. The attached half­dozen bananas we buy in a supermarket is known to banana growers as a “hand.” A single banana is referred to as a “finger.” The banana pla...
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