Thearabic merchantsfinallyspreadbananasallover

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Unformatted text preview: anized banana plantations could be found in China in 200 AD. In 650 AD, Islamic conquerors brought the banana back to Palestine. The Arabic merchants finally spread bananas all over Africa. Only in 1502 did the Portuguese start the first banana plantation in the Caribbean and in Central America. The harvest starts when the banana is still The harvest starts when the banana is still green. From the harvest through the delivery to the retailer, there are only 20 days left. The bunches are removed, washed, cut in smaller clusters called (hands), packed in boxes weighing 40 lb. Bananas are loaded into refrigerated cargo vessels and shipped green at a controlled temperature of 58°F. Bananas are ripened in special rooms where ethylene gas is injected into the air. The banana is the exception to The banana is the exception to the rule that nearly all staple foods in the world are either cereals or root crops. Bananas can yield impressive amounts of carbohydrates per unit area, with yields similar to potatoes (22 to 54,000 pounds per acre). Bana...
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