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Unformatted text preview: tock to produce disease resistant, transgenic strains. Tissue Culture Banana Plants Tissue Why bananas matter To most people in temperate countries, To most people in temperate countries, the banana is a healthy snack wrapped in an easy­to­peel skin that conveniently changes color when the fruit is ripe. No wonder it is often more popular than locally grown fruits. It would be a mistake, however, to think that in its home turf—the tropics—the banana is a lesser crop that only became valuable when Westerners discovered it. The first clue that this is not so is the fact The first clue that this is not so is the fact that less than 15% of the bananas grown in the world end up in the supermarkets of importing countries. The rest are grown in small holdings and eaten locally, more often than not as a staple food. The cooking types are especially important. In some places, people eat over to 2 pounds of bananas every day. They can eat in two weeks what the average North American and European munch on in a year....
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