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Unformatted text preview: hard and soft starch and become indented at maturity. It is a major crop used to make food, animal feed, and industrial products. FLINT corn, known by the scientific name Zea mays indurata, is a variety of corn having hard, rounded or short and flat kernels with the soft and starchy endosperm completely enclosed by a hard outer layer. It is similar to dent and is used for the same purposes. Most of it is grown in South America. WAXY corn is a corn variety with grains that have a waxy appearance when cut, and that contain only branched­chain starch. It is grown to make special starches for thickening foods. SWEET or "green" corn is eaten fresh, canned, or SWEET frozen. It is a type of horticultural corn. It is variously considered a distinct species (Zea saccharata or Zea rugosa), a subspecies (Zea mays rugosa) or a specific mutation of dent corn. It is distinguished by kernels containing a high percentage of sugar in the milk stage when they are suitable for table use. POPCORN is a variety of corn, Zea mays everta, which has small ears and small pointed or rounded kernels with very hard corneous endosperm that, on exposure to dry heat, are popped or everted by the expulsion of the contained moisture, and form a white starchy mass many times the size of the original kernel. INDIAN corn has white, red, purple, brown, or INDIAN multicolored kernels. It was the original corn grown by the Indians, and is known by the scientific name Zea mays. It is often seen at harvest time and in Halloween decorations. FLOUR corn, also called "soft" corn or "squaw" corn, has kernels shaped like those of flint corn and composed almost entirely of soft starch. It is known by the scientific name Zea mays amylacea. In this country we grow small amounts of blue flour corn to make tortillas, chips, and baked goods. In South America this corn is grown in various colors to make food and beer. Corn Usage 2008 Corn A 56 lb. bushel of corn yields 2.8 gallons of ethanol and 18 lb. of residual grains. 33% of the crop will be used for ethanol on a gross...
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