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Overhalfofthecrop hastraditionallyendedupas

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Unformatted text preview: . The humble kernel of corn finds its way into your life as edible and inedible products, including rubber, plastics, fuel, clothing, food additives and adjuncts, and literally thousands of other forms. Corn is also our chief crop Corn is also our chief crop export, with total bushels exported in excess of total bushels used domestically for food, seed, and industrial purposes. Over half of the crop has traditionally ended up as feed for domestic livestock. Corn production is measured in Corn production is measured in bushels, a term that equates to a quantity equal to 56 pounds of shelled grain (removed from the cob). A single bushel of corn contains roughly 73,000 kernels, each of which can produce a plant bearing one or more ears, each of which in turn can produce roughly 800 new kernels. #1 United States: 259,273 thousand metric tons #2 China: 114,000 thousand metric tons #3 Brazil: 37,500 thousand metric tons #4 Mexico: 19,000 thousand metric tons #5 Argentina: 16,000 thousand metric tons #6 India: 13,000 thousand metric tons #7 Canada: 9,200 thousand metric tons #8 South Africa: 8,900 thousand metric tons #9 Indonesia: 6,500 thousand metric tons # 10 Romania: 6,000 thousand metric tons Country Country Maize area, ha Maize production, Mt Yield, Mt/ha WORLD 142,331,335 637,444,480 3.41 United States 28,789,240 256,904,560 8.92 China 23,520,000 114,175,000 4.85 Brazil 12,935,200 47,809,300 3.70 Mexico 7,780,880 19,652,416 2.53 Argentina 2,322,857 15,040,000 6.47 India 7,000,000 14,800,000 2.11 France 1,667,000 11,898,000 7.14 Indonesia 3,354,692 10,910,104 3.25 South Africa 3,350,000 9,714,254 2.90 Canada 1,226,100 9,587,300 7.82 Corn field Value of production for 2006 State State Value of production Rank 1 Iowa 6,457,815 thousand dollars 2 Illinois 6,088,458 thousand dollars 3 Nebraska 3,710,700 thousand dollars 4 Minnesota 3,473,978 thousand dollars 5 Indiana 2,829,611 thousand dollars Corn is not native to United States. Corn is not native to United States. Corn is a domesticated form of teosinte [tee­uh­sin­tee, tey­] , a wild grass found in isolated patches in the Mexican western Sierra Madre. With the use...
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