This powerful tool allows plant breeders to do faster

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Unformatted text preview: It can also take a long time to achieve desired results and frequently, characteristics of interest do not exist in any related species. related GM technology enables plant breeders to bring together in one plant useful genes from a wide range of living sources, not just from within the crop species or from closely related plants. This powerful tool allows plant breeders to do faster what they have been doing for years–generate superior plant varieties–although it expands the possibilities beyond the limits imposed by conventional plant breeding. by What are the potential benefits of GM plants? of •Higher crop yields. •Reduced farm costs. •Increased farm profit. •Improvement in health and the Improvement environment. environment. • Creation of new plants with special genes from other species special Plant-made Pharmaceuticals Plant-made Plant­made pharmaceuticals (PMPs) result from the application of biotechnology to plants to enable them to produce therapeutic proteins that could ultimately...
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