Which substances are the ones targeted by

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Unformatted text preview: fic research on potential functional foods. foods. Diet and health are closely related. Thus, crops are now being enhanced through biotechnology to increase levels of important biologically active substances for improved nutrition, to increase body’s resistance to illnesses, and to remove undesirable food components. Which substances are the ones targeted by biotechnology for improved health benefits of crops? improved •Rice enriched with iron and vitamin A. vitamin •Potatoes with higher starch content. content. •Edible vaccines in maize and Edible potatoes. potatoes. •Maize varieties able to grow in poor conditions. in •Healthier oils from soybean and canola. and Why make GM crops? Why Traditionally, a plant breeder tries to exchange genes between two plants to produce offspring that have desired traits. This is done by transferring the male (pollen) of one plant to the female organ of another. female This cross breeding, however, is limited to exchanges between the same or very closely related species....
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