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Quality trinitario and criollo trees produce the

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Unformatted text preview: rying is based upon the This age-old method of seed drying used by traditional Maya throughout Central America and Mexico. A small farm owner dries his cacao beans in the yard of his home. Air circulation around bags is critical to keep the seeds dry and prevent the development of mold. development Buyers open bags, examine the seeds, and finalize the price based on the quality of the goods. quality Trinitario and Criollo trees produce the Trinitario Criollo more rare, “flavor”-grade seeds. These have a nutty and mild flavor coveted by many manufacturers. Forastero cacao Forastero produces the darker, bitter (but more abundant) “bulk” seeds. abundant) Cacao seeds are roasted separately by variety, and then blended according to the desired chocolate formula. desired Cracking, fanning, and winnowing removes the cacao shells and crushes the seeds into small nibs, which are processed into chocolate. Cacao shells are often sold as mulch or cattle feed in the United States. United Chocolate liquor actually contains no alcohol. The name simply indicates the liquid that results from crushing the nibs. liquid Chocolate liquor is blended with different ingredients—like vanilla and cinnamon—to create unique flavors. cinnamon—to Chocolate liquor: Chocolate The dried beans are transported from The the plantation where they were grown to a chocolate manufacturing facility. The beans are then cleaned (removing twigs, stones, and other debris), roasted, and graded. Next the shells are removed to extract the nib. Finally, the nibs are ground which releases and melts the cocoa butter producing chocolate liquor. chocolate There are three things that can be done with the chocolate liquor at this point: with 1. It can be solidified and sold as unsweetened baking chocolate. 2. Cocoa butter can be removed from it and 2. the result is cocoa powder. There are several mechanisms for removing cocoa butter from chocolate liquor. These include using hydraulic pressure and the Broma process. 3. Cocoa butter can be added to it to make 3. eating chocolate. Chocolate liquor is blended with the cocoa butter in varying quantities to make different types of chocolate. The basic blends of ingredients for the various types of chocolate (in order of highest quantity of cocoa liquor first), are as follows: as Dark chocolate: sugar, cocoa butter, Dark sugar, cocoa liquor, and (sometimes) vanilla. cocoa Milk chocolate: sugar, cocoa butter, Milk sugar, cocoa liquor, milk or milk powder, and vanilla. vanilla. White chocolate: sugar, cocoa butter, White sugar, milk or milk powder, and vanilla. After 1940, handmade molding of chocolate became mostly a thing of the past. Machines now crank out chocolate candy at speeds unmatched by human hands. chocolate Cacao Nibs Cacao Cocoa products are recognized as a...
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