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Contrastthiswith theaverageeuropeanwho

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Unformatted text preview: crop is grown and consumed in Asia. American consumption, although increasing, is still only about 25 lb per person annually, as compared with 200 to 400 lb per person in parts of Asia. The average person in Myanmar The average person in Myanmar eats 430 lb of rice each year; in Lao PDR and Cambodia, it’s about 350 lb. Contrast this with the average European, who consumes 7 lb per year and the average American, who eats 15 lb. When all developing countries When all developing countries are considered together, rice provides 27% of people's energy intake and 20% of their dietary protein. In Myanmar, people eat an average of a pound of rice every day. The average European consumes much less, only about 6 pounds per year. Rice is a staple for a large Rice is a staple for a large part of the world's population, especially in Asia, making it the most consumed cereal grain. Rice provides more than one fifth of the calories consumed worldwide by humans. Most of the world’s rice Most of the world’s rice production is in is Asia (~90%). Only 6­7% of all rice production is exported from its country of origin. Rice is the staple food for the largest number of people on Earth. Rice is eaten by nearly half the world's population. 50% of all the world's 50% of all the world's rice is eaten within 8 miles of where it is grown. #1 China: 118,000 thousand metric tons #2 India: 89,000 t...
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