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Unformatted text preview: . whole Remove the bran and germ and what remains is the endosperm, the white rice endosperm the enjoyed throughout the world. To replace some of the nutrients lost in milling, most North American processors apply a thin coat of thiamine, niacin, iron and folic acid to milled rice to produce what is known as enriched rice. enriched Rice Grain Rice Except for rough (unmilled) rice exports Except for rough (unmilled) rice exports and domestic seed sales, virtually all U.S. rice is marketed as a whole­kernel milled product. In contrast, the bulk of wheat is sold as flour. For rice, care is necessary throughout the production, drying, storage, milling, and marketing phases to minimize the number of broken kernels, which sell at a considerable discount to whole­kernel rice. Five different products (or types of rice) can Five different products (or types of rice) can be produced from rough rice: hulls, bran, brown rice, whole­kernel milled rice, and brokens (broken­kernel milled rice). The first stage of milling removes the hull, producing brown rice that can be cooked and consumed. The next stage of milling remov...
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