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Unformatted text preview: sippi Delta, (parts of Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, and Louisiana). Gulf Coast (Texas and Southwest Louisiana). Sacramento Valley of California. Each of these regions generally Each of these regions generally specializes in a specific type of rice, which, in the United States, is referred to by length of grain—long, medium, and short. U.S. long­grain varieties typically cook dry and separate, while U.S. medium/short­ grain varieties are typically moist and clingy. Long grain is grown almost exclusively in Long grain the South and accounts for more than 70 % of U.S. production. Medium grain, grown both in California and the South, accounts for more than one­ fourth of total U.S. production and forms most of California's rice crop. Arkansas accounts for most of the southern medium­ grain production. Short grain accounts for 1­2 % of total U.S. rice production and is grown almost exclusively in California. American long-grain rice rice Japanese short-grain rice Japanese Louisiana Rice Acreage Louisiana 1982 35% 65% Long Grain Medium Grain 1995 65% 35% Long Grain Medium Grain 2005 96% 4% Long Grain Medium Grain Ri...
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