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Unformatted text preview: aused by the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae. Practically every drug has been tried as a Practically every drug has been tried as a cure for leprosy, and most are totally useless. There were folklores about cures for leprosy from eastern Asia. Credit apparently goes to a British surgeon in India named Mouat, who in 1854 used a substance called chaulmoogra oil for leprosy treatment. Chaulmoogra oil came from somewhere in the jungles of southeastern Asia. A plant explorer, Joseph Rock, went to eastern Asia to find this plant Rock eventually found this plant in Burma, Rock eventually found this plant in Burma, a tree called Hydnocarpus. Seeds were sent to the Philippines, but Rock remained in Asia collecting plants, until he was expelled by the Chinese communists. Chaulmoogra oil and its derivatives became the first cure for young cases (3­5 years) when injected intravenously, and a useful way to halt further injury in older cases. Chaulmoogra oil was replaced by sulphone drugs, which were more effective but had Hydnocarpus anthelminthica...
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