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Itisusedto increasecardiac contractilityandtocontrol

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Unformatted text preview: Allergy Reliever Powder Spray You spray this combo of cellulose vegetable You spray this combo of cellulose vegetable powder and peppermint powder up your nose as often as every 3 hours. According to the manufacturer, it forms a coating that keeps allergen particles from reaching the nasal passages. Digitalis (foxglove) Digitalis A group of medicines extracted from foxglove plants are called "Digitalin". The use of The use of Digitalis purpurea extract containing digitoxin for the treatment of heart conditions was first described in 1785, which is considered the beginning of modern therapeutics. It is used to increase cardiac contractility and to control Vinca (periwinkle) Vinca Vincristine, one of the most potent Vincristine antileukemic drugs in use today, was isolated in a search for diabetes treatments from Vinca rosea (now Catharanthus roseus) in the 1950's. This is such a complex structure that it is still isolated from the plant (the Madagascan periwinkle) today rather than prepared by synthesis. Leprosy or Hansen's Leprosy disease, is a chronic disease c...
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