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Unformatted text preview: g product. Some drug products and nutrients may be able to be delivered directly by eating the plant (edible vaccines) or drinking the milk. Such technology has the potential to produce large quantities of cheap vaccines, or other important pharmaceutical products such as insulin. Plant­Made Pharmaceuticals Plant­Made Pharmaceuticals (PMPs), also referred to as Biopharming, is a sub­sector of the biotechnology industry that involves the process of genetically engineering plants so that they can produce certain types of therapeutically important proteins and associate molecules such as peptides and secondary metabolites. The proteins and The third wave of agricultural The third wave of agricultural technology has the potential to replace expensive, energy intensive factories lined with stainless steel fermentation vats with higher yielding, lower cost, green factories without walls. The third wave of agricultural The third wave of agricultural biotechnology has been called “plant molecular farming” and it refers to the cultivation of plants for industrially, medically, or scientifica...
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