Thedisappearingrainforests thedisappearingrainforests

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Unformatted text preview: lly useful biomolecules, rather than for traditional uses of food, feed, or fiber. We might term this ‘Pharm farming’ – the growing of molecules with pharmaceutical applications in selected crops. Plant­Made Pharmaceuticals New discoveries involving therapeutic proteins New discoveries involving therapeutic proteins offer exciting and promising hope for a range of diseases. However, there are challenges to producing these therapeutic proteins safely, economically, and in quantities that can be adjusted to meet growing needs. Current production methods include reproducing the target protein through cell culture or bio­ fermentation processes; expressing the protein in genetically altered animals, or growing the proteins in plants also modified using modern biotechnology. ‘Pharming’ is a combination of farming and pharmaceutical and refers to the use of genetic engineering to insert genes that code for useful pharmaceuticals into host animals or plants that would otherwise not express those genes. The host plants then make the pharmaceutical product in large quantity, which can then be purified and used as a drug product. Some drug products and nutrients may be able to be delivered directly by eating the plant. The products of pharming are recombinant The products of pharming are recombinant proteins or their metabolic products. Drugs made from recombinant proteins potentially...
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