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9dropinthesaleof importedwinesdownto175

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Unformatted text preview: 8.0 U.S. wine consumption rose U.S. wine consumption rose 2.1% in 2010, to reach 721 million gallons. The Beverage Information Group says the increase happened despite a 0.9% drop in the sale of imported wines, down to 175 million gallons. Monthly Consumption per Capita BEVERAGE USA EUROPE Carbonated Soda Pop (12 oz.) 48 10 Coffee (6 oz.) 35 28 Tap Water (12 oz.) 20 82 Beer (12 oz.) 20 12 Milk (12 oz.) 17 15 Fruit & Vegetable Juices (8 oz.) 12 10 Bottled Water (12 oz.) 10 10 Hot or Iced Tea (8 oz.) 9 21 Liquor (2 oz.) 7 8 Power or “Sports” Drinks (12 oz.) 6 less than 1 Wine (4 oz.) 5 16 Cooper: Someone who makes wooden barrels, casks, and Professions Professions other similar wooden objects. Vintner: A wine merchant or producer. Sommelier: A person in a restaurant who specializes in wine. They are usually in charge of assembling the wine list, staff education and making wine suggestions to customers. Winemaker: A person who makes wine. Oenologist: A wine scientist or wine chemist. A winemaker may be trained as oenologist, but often instead uses a consultant oenologist. Viticulturist: A person who specializes in the science of the grapevines themselves. Can also be someone who manages a vineyard (decides how to prune, how much to irrigate, Most grapes come from cultivars (varieties) of Most grapes come from cultivars (varieties) of Vitis vinifera, the European grapevine native to the Mediterranean and Central Asia. Minor amounts of fruit and wine come from American and Asian species such as : Vitis labrusca, the North American table and grape juice grapevines, sometimes used for wine. Native to the eastern U.S. and Canada. Vitis riparia, a wild vine of North America, sometimes used for winemaking and for jam. Native to the entire eastern U.S. and north to Quebec. Vitis rotundifolia, the muscadines, used for jams and wine. Native to the southeastern U.S. from Delaware to the Gulf of Mexico. Vitis vulpina Frost grape. Native to the Midwest east to the coast up through New York. Grape Varieties Grape Varieties Wine is usually made from one or more varieties of the European species Vitis vinifera. When one of these varieties, such as Pinot Noir, Chardo...
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