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Unformatted text preview: KS As (Knowledg e, Skills, Ag ili ty) Single-Do mai n KSAs V e r y Lo w 1.09 Ex tremely c omplex Lo w 1.05 High ly complex No ne (0%) M inimal (15%) Some (30 %) Never Ra rely Sometimes Ve ry High 0.92 Highly simple Co nsiderate (70%) Ex tra High 0.87 Extremely simp le Ex te nsiv e (9 0% ) O ft e n Usu ally An yt ime Co nsiderate (70%) Ex te nsiv e (9 0% ) 1-2 TR L 6 All > TR L 7 0.92 0.87 No ne (0%) M inimal (15%) Some (30 %) >0 TRL 1,2 or >1 TRL 3 1.09 1 TRL 3 or > 1 TR L 4 1.05 1 TR L 4 o r > 2 TR L 5 1.0 Highly se qu ential Most ly se quen tial 2 artif acts mostly concu rre nt 3 artif acts mostly concu rrent All artifacts m ostly concu rrent Full y concu rrent Heavi ly bureaucr at ic Larg ely bureaucr at ic Con servativ e bureaucr at ic M oderate streamline M ost ly streamlined Full y streamlined Simpl e tool s, we ak in te gratio n M inimal CIM Some CI M M oderate CIM Co nsiderable CIM Ex tensiv e CIM 1.08 1.04 1.0 0.96 0.93 0.9 Over 300 Ov er 100 Ov er 3 0 Ov er 1 0 Ov er 3 ≤3 Na tion ally distri buted, so me sharin g Regionall y distri buted, mo derate sh ar ing M et ro-area distri buted, good shar ing S i m pl e cam pus, strong sharing Larg ely col locat ed , Ve ry strong sh ar ing M inimal CIM Some CI M M oderate CIM Co nsiderable CIM Ex tensiv e CIM Global ly distri buted weak comm. , dat a shari ng S i m pl e M MPTs, we ak in te gratio n Sim pl e; weak in te gratio n 1.13 M inimal CIM 1.06 We ak KSAs Some KSA s We ak Some We ak Some Team Compatib ilit y Ve ry difficult inte ractio n s Som e d iffi cult in te ractio n s 1.13 Hi ghly risk averse 1.06 Part ly riskaver se 12-20-2012 M od. com plex Hig h 0.96 M oderately simple M oderate (50% ) M oderate (50% ) 1 - 2 TR L 5 o r >2 TRL 6 0.96 M ul ti-Domai n KSAs Risk Ac ceptance F actor No minal 1.0 Some CI M or not needed 1.0 M oderate KS As M oderate M oderate or not needed Ba sically cooperat ive in teractio ns 1.0 Ba lanced ri sk aver si on, a ccep tance M oderate CIM 0.94 Co nsiderable CIM 0.89 Ex tensiv e...
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