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Unformatted text preview: CIM 0.84 Go od KS As Stro ng KSAs Ve ry strong KS As Good Strong Ve ry strong Good Strong Ve ry strong Largely cooper at ive Highly coop erat ive Seamless inte ractio n s 0.94 M oderately risk-accep ting 0.89 Con siderably risk-accep ting 0.84 Strong ly ri sk accep ting 25 in project staff sizes is the primary reason for the varying Project ratings. The staff was described as research. CORADMO-SE Calibration Data TABLE II. Commercial; ANALYSIS MostlyCOMMERCIAL PROJECTS RATING FACTORS ANDSome DoD Person Duration Duration Multi- Error Product Process Project People Risk Months (Months) / √PM plier % Application Type Technologies Insurance agency system HTML/VB 34.94 3.82 0.65 VH VH XH VH N 0.68 5% Scientific/engineering C++ 18.66 3.72 0.86 L VH VH VH N 0.80 -7% Compliance - expert HTML/VB 17.89 3.36 0.79 VH VH XH VH N 0.68 -15% Barter exchange SQL/VB/ HTML 112.58 9.54 0.90 VH H H VH N 0.75 -16% Options exchange site HTML/SQL 13.94 2.67 0.72 VH VH XH VH N 0.68 -5% Commercial HMI C++ 205.27 13.81 0.96 L N N VH N 0.93 -3% Options exchange site HTML 42.41 4.48 0.69 VH VH XH VH N 0.68 -1% Time and billing C++/VB 26.87 4.80 0.93 L VH VH VH N 0.80 -14% 70.93 8.62 1.02 L N VH VH N 0.87 -15% 9.79 1.39 0.44 VH VH XH VH N 0.68 53% Hybrid Web/client-server VB/HTML ASP HTML/VB/SQL On-line billing/tracking VB/HTML 17.20 2.70 0.65 VH VH XH VH N 0.68 4% Palm email client C/HTML 4.53 1.45 0.68 N VH VH VH N 0.76 12% 12-20-2012 26 Outline • Methods for schedule estimation – – – • CORADMO Expedited Software Development Model – – – • Size and effort-based: CS 577b interpretation of COCOMO II effort Plan-based: critical-path analysis Cost-schedule tradespace analysis RAD: Rapid Application Development Expedited Schedule Drivers Relation to RAD Opportunity Tree RAD Opportunity Tree elements 12-20-2012 27 sed in es. a in nse lly ers a a nd ies pid to ion he his ich a of a the the ert to gs single-domain KSAs (H); good multiple -domain KSAs (H); but some difficult team interactions (L) . Case Study: From Plan-Driven to Agile TAB LE III. AS-IS RATING F ACTORS Ac cel erato rs/Ra tings Pro du ct F acto rs Sim pl icity El ement R e...
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