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Documents 12 20 2012 20 very low none extra high 90

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Unformatted text preview: ra High: Anytime System definition via models vs. documents 12-20-2012 – 20 Very low: None; Extra High: 90% Process Factor Elements • Concurrency of OpCon, Rqts., Architecture, V&V – • Process streamlining – • Very Low: Highly sequential; Extra High: Fully concurrent Very Low: Heavily Bureaucratic; Extra High: Fully streamlined General SE tool support (coverage, 21 12-20-2012 Project Factor Elements • Collaboration support – – • Very Low: Globally distributed; weak communications, data sharing Extra High: Largely collocated; very strong communications, data sharing Single-domain models, methods, processes, tools (MMPTs) – Very Low: Simple MMPTs, weak CIM; Extra High: Extensive CIM 12-20-2012 22 People Factor Elements • General-SE Knowledge, Skills, and Agility (KSA) – • Single-domain Knowledge, Skills, and Agility (KSA) – • Very Low: Very weak KSA; Extra High: Very strong KSA Very Low: Very weak KSA; Extra High: Very strong KSA Multi-domain Knowledge, Skills, and 23 12-20-2012 Risk Acceptance Factor • Risk Acceptance – – Very Low: Highly risk-averse; Extra High: Strongly risk-accepting 12-20-2012 24 This motivated the development of CORADMO. Its COCOMO II post-processor used a nominal square-root relationship between PM and D, completing a 27-PM project in 5.2 months with an average team size of 5.2 people. It then adjusted the The effort and schedule multipliers for these factors were determined such that a well-jelled, domain-experienced RAD proje ct would be estimated as 9 people on a 27-PM project for 3 months, but that a misguided RAD project would CORADMO-SE Rating Scales, Schedule Multipliers TA B LE I. SCHEDULE A CCE LERATOR S AND R ATING FACTOR S Ac cel era tors/ Ra tings Product Fa ctors Simpl icity El ement R euse Low-Priority De ferrals M odels v s Documen ts Ke y Technology M at uri ty Process Factors Co ncurrent Op er at ional Co ncept , Requirements , Archit ectu re, V&V Pr ocess Streamlin ing Ge neral SE to ol su pport CIM (Co ver age, Integr at ion, M at uri ty) Project Factors Pr oj ect size (peak # of per sonnel ) Co llab orat ion supp ort Single-dom ain M MPTs ( Model s, M et hods, Pr o cesses, Tools ) M ul ti-dom ain M MPTs Peopl e Factors Ge neral SE...
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