Aoki and g saxonhouse eds finance governance and

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Unformatted text preview: centives and Bargaining in the Japanese Economy, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. — (1994), ‘The Japanese Firm as a System of Attributes: A Survey and Research Agenda’, in M. Aoki and R. Dore (eds), The Japanese Firm—The Sources of Competitive Strength, Oxford, Oxford University Press. — Patrick, H. (eds) (1994), The Japanese Main Bank System: Its Relevance for Developing and Transforming Economies, Oxford, Oxford University Press. — Serdar, D. (2000), ‘Relational Financing as an Institution and its Viability under Competition’, in M. Aoki and G. Saxonhouse (eds), Finance, Governance, and Competitiveness in Japan, Oxford, Oxford University Press. Barro, R. J. (1974), ‘Are Government Bonds Net Wealth?’, Journal of Political Economy, 82(6), 1095–118. Beason, D., and James, J. (1999), The Political Economy of Japanese Financial Markets: Myths versus Reality, London, Macmillan Press. Berglof, E., and Perotti, E. (1994), ‘The Governance Structure of the Japanese Financial Keiretsu’, Journal of Financial Economics, 36(4), 259...
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