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Unformatted text preview: 84. Blanchard, O. J. (1984), ‘The Lucas Critique and the Volcker Deflation’, American Economic Review, 74(2), 211–15. Buiter, W. H., and Miller, M. (1981), ‘The Thatcher Experiment: The First Two Years’, Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, 2, 315–79. Carlile, L., and Tilton, M. (1998), Is Japan Really Changing its Ways? Regulatory Reform and the Japanese Economy, Washington, DC, Brookings Institution. Egebo, T., and Englander, A. S. (1992), ‘Institutional Commitments and Policy Credibility: A Critical Survey and Empirical Evidence from the ERM’, OECD Economic Studies, 18, 45–84. EPA (1995), EPA World Economic Model—Fifth Version, Economic Research Institute Discussion Paper No. 20, Tokyo. Flath, D. (2000), The Japanese Economy, Oxford, Oxford University Press. Garvey, G. T., and Swan, P. (1992), ‘The Interaction between Financial and Employment Contracts: A Formal Model of Japanese Corporate Governance’, Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, 6(3), 247–74. — ...
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