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In gibsons view the reforms may increase financial

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Unformatted text preview: wholesale change would, as argued below, require change in labour and management practices, because of the ‘complementarities’ in the system, and is therefore 17 There is also a view, forcefully argued by Gibson (2000), that the corporate-governance system is directly responsible for low returns to shareholders’ wealth and that the so-called ‘Big Bang’ reforms of the financial system do not address the specific governance features which are responsible for this. In Gibson’s view the reforms may increase financial-sector efficiency, but will not contribute to economic performance until they directly tackle structures which allow managers to concentrate on objectives other than maximizing shareholder returns. 18 According to them, out of 142 banks 45 would need to leave the industry to achieve this. 13 OXFORD REVIEW OF ECONOMIC POLICY, VOL. 16, NO. 2 unlikely. Suto (1999) finds evidence for this type of partial change. She describes the increasing role of institutional investors, but notes that their features differ from those of their US counterparts in so far as aspects of relational finance are being preserved. Mer...
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