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Westney d e 1994 the evolution of japans industrial

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Unformatted text preview: nterlocking Shareholding in Japan’, Ricerche economiche, 45(2–3), 421–48. Soskice, D. (1990), ‘Wage Determination: The Changing Role of Institutions in Advanced Industrialized Countries’, Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 6(4), 36–61. Stockwin, J. A. A. (1988), Dynamic and Immobilist Politics in Japan, London, Macmillan. Suto, M. (1999), ‘New Movements in Japanese Corporate Governance—A Role of Corporate Pension Funds’, mimeo, Nissan Institute, Oxford University. Suzuki, K. (1998), ‘Inter-corporate Shareholdings in Japan: Their Significance and Impact of Sales of Stakes’, mimeo, London Business School. Tsuru, S. (1958), Essays on the Japanese Economy, Tokyo, Kinok...
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