11 40 effect effect of muscle fiber arrangement on

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Unformatted text preview: resent, with fibers fibers running diagonally diagonally between between them – Ex. Fig 5.11 40 Effect Effect of Muscle Fiber Arrangement on Force Arrangement on Force Max force (along line of pull) A broad, thick, longitudinal muscle exerts more force than a thin one A penniform muscle of the same thickness as a longitudinal muscle can exert greater force The The oblique arrangement of fiber allows for a larger larger number of fibers than in comparable sizes 41 of other classifications PCSA PCSA Cross Cross-sectional area of muscle – Perpendicular to muscle fibers – Accounts for all of the fibers 42 Advantage of Pennation Advantage of Pennation FM = 300N 300N FM = 600N 600N 43 Disadvantage of Pennation Disadvantage of Pennation Limited di distance of of muscle travel 44 Effect Effect of Muscle Fiber Arrangement on ROM Arrangement on ROM Long Long muscles with fibers longitudinally longitudinally arranged along the long long axis, can exert force over a can ______________________ ______________________ Pennate muscles with their oblique fiber fiber arrange and short fibers, can exert superior force through...
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