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Unformatted text preview: : Q: Also at the same velocity and load do your your muscles work harder during the concentric or eccentric phase? 58 Activation level Activation level (to be discussed later) 59 XIV Oth XIV. Other factors affecting force Temperature Fatigue Exercise Prestretch (next slide) 60 Prestretch Prestretch When concentric contraction is preceded by a phase of active stretching: stretching: This enhanced potential for work may be attributed to: 61 XV Types of Movements XV. Types of Movements _____________: no effort on the part part of the person involved ____________: movement is produced produced by the subject’s own muscular activity – In slow movements muscular slow tension is maintained throughout ROM – In rapid movements, tension could be maintained throughout ROM, but it is an an inefficient way of performing 62 Ballistic Ballistic Movement Movements Movements that are initiated by vigorous vigorous contraction and completed by momentum by momentum Early stages of learning a ballistic skill skill should concentrate on: __________________________ 63 XVI. XVI. Methods of Studying Muscle Muscle Conjecture & Reasoning Dissection Inspection & Palpation Models Muscle Stimulation Electromyography (EMG) 64 XVII. MUSCULAR ANALYSIS XVII. MUSCULAR ANALYSIS Initial position Joint Action Segment Moved Muscle Group Type of contraction 65 Example: Example: Seated Leg extension: – KNEE UP Down Initial position Joint Action Segment Moved Muscle Group Type of contraction 66...
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