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5c 20 eccentric eccentric or lengthening contraction

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Unformatted text preview: ually: actually: Fig 3.5c 20 Eccentric Eccentric or Lengthening Contraction Contraction When When a muscle slowly slowly lengthening as it gives in to an external external force that is greater than th the contractile force it it is exerting Muscle is acting as a “brake” Fig 3.5a 21 Isometric or Static Contraction Isometric or Static Contraction Isometric Isometric means “equal length” equal Tension of the muscle without any appreciable appreciable change in length Occurs under two conditions 22 Isotonic Isotonic and Isokinetic Contraction Isotonic Isotonic means “equal tension” and equal and the the tension remains constant while muscle muscle shortens or lengthens Isokinetic means “equal or same equa motion motion” – Maximum muscle effort at the same speed speed 23 IX Roles of Muscles IX. Roles of Muscles Movers, or Agonists: directly responsible for producing a movement movement – Prime movers: – Assistant movers: 24 Antagonists Antagonists: have an effect opposite opposite to that of movers, or agonists agonists – Check ballistic movements Check First First antagonists must: Second it acts as a: 25 bl ) Stabilizers (fixator): (f – Contract to fixate or stabilize the a...
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