9 26 neutralizers neutralizers prevent undesired

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Unformatted text preview: rea area to enable another segment to move Fig 3.9 26 Neutralizers Neutralizers – prevent undesired action 27 X. Influence of Gravity Influence of Gravity Horizontal motion is not affected by gravity gravity Lifting against gravity is a: Slower lowering with gravity is: 28 A forceful downward forceful motion motion uses: contraction, since contraction since gravitational gravitational pull is being being exceeded But a slow do downward motion uses: uses: Fig 3.6 29 XI XI. Movement of contracting muscle Movement Movement that the contracting muscle produces produces is determined by: – ___________________ that is spans – _________________ acting on the joint – The relation of the muscle’s ___________ to the joint 30 Line Line of pull (example) Pectoralis major (clavicular) is primarily primarily a flexor, but it also also __________ the humerus When When the arm is abducted, abducted, line of pull pull moves above axis axis of rotation and and contributes to to ___________ of humerus Fig 3.4 31 XII. XII. The Major Factor affecting muscle force Muscle fiber arrangement 2 major types of fiber arrangement – Parallel Flat Fusiform Strap Radiate Sphincter or circular – Pennate Unipennate Bipennate Multipennate 32 Parallel Flat muscles – usually thin & broad, originating from broad, fibrous, sheet-like aponeuroses sheet– allows them to spread their forces over a broad area 33 Fusiform Fusiform or Spindle-S...
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