Fig 68 34 strap strap long strap like long strap

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Unformatted text preview: haped: e– rounded muscle muscle that tapers at either end – Ex. Fig 6.8 34 Strap: Strap: – long, strap like long strap muscle muscle with fibers in in parallel to its long long axis – Ex. Fig 7.15 35 Radiate: Radiate: – fibers radiate from from a narrow attachment attachment at one one end to a broad broad attachment attachment at the the other – Ex. Fig 5.11 36 Sphincter Sphincter or circular muscles – technically endless strap muscles – surround openings & function to close them them upon contraction – Ex. 37 37 Pennate Pennate Unipennate: – a series of short, short, parallel, feather feather like fibers fibers extends diagonally diagonally for side side of a long tendon tendon Fig 8.25 – EX. 38 Bipennate: Bipennate: – A long central tendon tendon with fibers fibers extending extending diagonally diagonally in pairs pairs form either either side of the the tendon – Ex. Fig 7.15 39 Multipennate: Multipennate: – Several tendons tendons are present with p...
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