Force modifiers angle of attachment length velocity

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Unformatted text preview: only a th ______________________ ______________________ 45 XIII Force Modifiers XIII. Force Modifiers – Angle of attachment – Length – Velocity of shortening – Activation level 46 Angle of Attachment Angle of Attachment (or (or angle of insertion or angle of pull) Not all the force (F) of muscle contraction causes movement The angle of attachment will influence how much much F goes towards: The The angle of attachment changes throughout throughout _______________ 47 If very _________, most of the tension will produce a force pulling along the bone Will Will tend to ____________ the joint When When muscle generates tension at a _______________ to the bone, it is the to most efficient at producing __________ ____________ ____________ moving F decreases and more of the F acts to ___________ the joint 48 49 49 Muscle Length Whole muscle forceforce-length properties properties similar to those of an individual sarcomere sarcomere 50 Whole Whole Muscle F-L Curve F- FM occurs at 110%Lo 51 EX EX 1 – Increasing the ability to exert force Slight squat before jumping EX 2 – Reducing ability to exert force Isolate Isolate gluteus maximus by flexing flexing the knee 52 Normal Normal Operating Lengths SingleSingle-Joint Muscles – Easily stay within 60-160% resting Easily length length MultiMulti-Joint Muscles – Often operate outside normal length bounds – Can make multi-Joint muscles ___________ multi__________ – Not long enough to permit complete: 53 53 Advantages...
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