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Rate slow interm fast diameter small interm large

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Unformatted text preview: d Speed Slow Slow Fast Fast Fatigue Rate Slow Interm. Fast Diameter Small Interm. Large ATPase Concentration Concentration Low Low High High Mitochondrial Density High High Low Glycolytic Enzyme Conc. Low Interm. High 16 VII. VII. Muscular Attachments Muscle attach to bone by connective tissue, which continues beyond the muscle muscle belly to form a tendon tendon Origin: Insertion: Contraction Contraction produces ______________ on on the two attachments but …. One One end moves because … Reverse Muscle Action: when distal bone is stabilized and proximal bone moves moves 17 VIII Muscle contraction VIII. Muscle contraction Concentric Eccentric Isometric *Isotonic Isokinetic Passive lengthening and shortening 18 Types of Contraction Types of Contraction Contract Contract literally means to “draw draw together” together” Muscle contraction occurs whenever muscle fibers generate tension which fib genera may may occur while the muscle is actually: 19 Concentric Concentric or Shortening Contraction Contraction When When tension by the the muscle is sufficient sufficient to overcome overcome a resistance resistance and move move the body segment segment The muscle act...
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