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Unformatted text preview: on 7 IV SM organization IV. SM organization 8 SM SM organization A. Whole muscle B. Fasiculus C. Muscle Fiber –cell Fig 3. D. Myofibrils E. Myofilaments 9 Micro Microstructure 10 Sarcomeres Sarcomeres Distance Distance between two two ____________ Functional ______________ of skeletal muscle Fig 3.2 11 Myofilaments _______________ when stimulated, slide slide past each other other _____________ projections (heads) (heads) of myosin attach attach to actin Fig 3.2 12 V. V. Sliding Filament Theory th NS When a stimulus comes from the NS: – Message to contract causes stored ___________ to be released within the muscle fiber – Calcium ions bind to the ____________ (exposing (exposing active sites) – Myosin attach to actin forming _____________ _____________ – Cross-bridges bend and pull actin filaments to the Crosscenter center – Sarcomeres shorten…. myofibrils shorten…. muscle fiber shortens…muscle _______________ 13 VI VI. Muscle Fiber Types Fib Two Two major categories pertinent for kinesiology kinesiology – __________ (Type I) __________ – __________ (Type IIB) Twitch Fibers Most limb muscles contain relatively ost co ___________________ of each fiber type Posture muscles contain more __________ twitch fibers 14 Fast Fast fibers are large, pale, and less blood blood supply than slow fibers Slow fibers are small, red, and have have a rich blood supply, and and greater greater myoglobin 15 15 Fiber Fiber Types I-SO IIAIIAFOG IIBIIB-FG Contraction Spee...
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