Maintain a due to shortening at one joint

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Unformatted text preview: Advantages of multi-joint muscles: multi– Can cause or control motion at more than one joint – Able to maintain a ______________________ due to “shortening” at one joint and “lengthening” at another 54 Force Force-Velocity Relationship When When a muscle is is contracting the the rate of length length change is significantly significantly related related to the amount amount of force potential potential Fig 3.8 55 56 56 When When contracting _____________ against a _______________ muscle is able to contract at a ________________ As resistance __________, the maximal maximal velocity at which the muscle is able to contract _____________ Eventually ___________ contraction occurs As load continues to ____________ the muscle begins to lengthen ___________________________ 57 As As load ___________ the velocity of lengthening _______________ len Eventually it may lead to uncontrolled lengthening – ____________________________ Q: At the same velocity of movement, can your produce more force concentrically or eccentrically? Q...
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