Adversements interpellate women as wanng to look

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Unformatted text preview: should be –  Images, concepts, premises which provide the frameworks through which we represent, interpret, understand, and make sense of the world –  Means by which certain values are made to seem natural, inevitable aspects of everyday life Adver&sing •  Interpella&on –  “hailing” –  Recognizing oneself as the addressee and responding to the communica&on –  Ex. Adver&sements interpellate women as wan&ng to look aSrac&ve. Images and Ideology •  Ideology and the media –  Medias as a primary site for the produc&on, reproduc&on and transforma&on of ideologies –  Media produces representa&ons of the social world –  Media frames our understanding of how the world is and why it works as it is said and shown to work Images and Ideology •  Ideology and consumer culture –  Adver&sing –  Assump&ons about beauty, desire, glamour, social value –  Norms of sex, gender, ethnicity, na&onality, etc. Images and Ideology •  Ideological statements –  Chains of meaning and associa&on –  Producing forms of social consciousness Cultural Studies •  Birmingham Centre for...
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