Reading while rejecng others shows mulple meanings

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Unformatted text preview: Contemporary Culture Studies; Stuart Hall •  how media images shape our view of the world –  Cultural pedagogy –  Consumer culture Cultural Studies •  Mainstreaming –  Following the dictates of the media uncri&cally –  Conforming to dominant fashion, values, behavior •  Hegemony –  Ruling social and cultural forces of domina&on –  Inducing consent to a rela&onship of domina&on •  Counter- Hegemony –  Resistance, struggle against hegemony Cultural Studies •  Preferred Reading –  Audience appropriates texts in line with the interests of the hegemonic and ideological inten&ons of the text; fully accept the dominant ideological message •  Opposi&onal Reading –  Resistance to the dominant reading –  Emancipatory, reac&onary •  Nego&ated Reading –  Accept some aspects of the dominant reading while rejec&ng others –  Shows mul&ple meanings beyond preferred reading Race and Adver&sing (Kim and Chung) commodity racism: encoding saleable products and adver&sements with racist ideas Ex. Pears Soap Ad from the UK in the late 180...
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