divergence from this correla8on is seen as abnormal

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Unformatted text preview: ale and female -   There are only two genders à༎ masculine and feminine -   Sex and gender are directly correlated to one another -   A member of the male sex should be masculine. -   A member of the female sex should be feminine. -   Divergence from this correla8on is seen as abnormal. Follow- Up: Sex/Gender Binary Last week, we also discussed the feminist defini8on of gender, which emphasizes that our ideas about masculinity and femininity are shaped by society. These ideas can change over 8me and are not necessarily set in stone by nature. The term gender helps us to think about how different socie8es decide what is “proper” and “improper” behavior for men and women. These ideas and values shape how power is distributed to men and women in society. The results are usually uneven! Follow- Up: Sex/Gender Binary A feminist would p...
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