Power privilege and ethnicity brainstorm ques8on

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Unformatted text preview: •  •  •  aren’t always very long but they do require your full aMen8on. Highlight important passages as you read. Ader you finish reading and highligh8ng an ar8cle, take notes about it in your lecture notebook. Review the reading ques8ons for each ar8cle posted on Bb Learn. Write answers to the reading ques8ons in your lecture notebook. Answer the quiz journal prompt as fully and as detailed as possible. You may refer to reading notes in your lecture journal but nothing else while comple8ng a quiz journal prompt. Remember—you are showing that you read carefully and understand the author’s argument, the suppor8ng examples, and why the argument is important. Power, Privilege, and Ethnicity – PART ONE Key Ques8ons What are stereotypes and how are they formed? What is privilege and how does it influence the different ways...
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