Take the following example follow up sexgender binary

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Unformatted text preview: oint out that there is nothing inherently abnormal about bodies, behaviors, and gender expressions that do not “fit” with the norms of the sex/ gender binary. Instead, they would draw aMen8on to the ways that society pathologizes individuals and behaviors that don’t seem to “fit” society’s ideal gender roles. In other words, certain people are viewed and treated as abnormal if they do not conform to society’s ideal gender roles. The sex/gender binary is very rigid and it’s easy to be perceived as an “outsider.” Take the following example… Follow- Up: Sex/Gender Binary The J. Crew adver8sement on the next slide created a minor media controversy a few years ago. Can you guess why? Follow- up: Sex/Gender Binary Follow- Up: Sex/Gender Binary This adver8sment features J. Crew President Jenna Lyons and her son BeckeM. Some media commentators cla...
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