The ar8cles arent always very long but they do require

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Unformatted text preview: imed that Lyons was being irresponsible for pain8ng her son’s toenails (neon pink, no less!) because it would allegedly warp his development into a “proper” masculine man later in life. In this case, an apparently heart- warming scene of play8me between a successful businesswoman and her son has been pathologized as threatening and abnormal because according to the sex/gender binary boys aren’t supposed to wear nail polish or like the color pink. This controversy reveals both the rigidity and the weakness of the sex/ gender binary. How seriously should we take gender norms that can be used to pathologize the ways a mother and son play together and show tenderness for one another? Follow- Up: Wri8ng a Good Journal Entry •  Plan ahead. Give yourself plenty of 8me to do the reading. The ar8cles •  •  •  • ...
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