bell hooks sexism discriminaaon especially

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Unformatted text preview: How does it relate to the previous quesAons about society’s ideal men and women and being encouraged to fit in? Key Words & Key Terms Feminism “Feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitaAon, and oppression.” - - bell hooks Sexism DiscriminaAon, especially against women on the grounds of sex Key Words & Key Terms Sex -   refers to the body’s reproducAve anatomy and secondary sexual characterisAcs -   classificaAon on the basis of reproducAve anatomy and secondary sexual characterisAcs Key Words & Key Terms Gender -   ConvenAonal definiAon: sex as expressed by social or cultural disAncAons Sex/Gender Binary -   There are only two sexes à༎ male and female -   There are only two genders à༎ masculine and feminine -   Sex and gender are directly correlated to one another -   A member of the male sex should be masculine -   A member of the female sex should be feminine -   Divergence from this correlaAon is seen as abnormal Key Words & Key...
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