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Unformatted text preview: Terms Feminist definiAon of gender “Gender is a consAtuAve element of social relaAonships based on perceived differences between the sexes, and gender is a primary way of signifying relaAonships of power.” – Joan ScoY Key Words & Key Terms gender studies -   Analyzes how gender structures relaAonships of power in specific social and cultural contexts, both past and present -   Emphasizes that gender divisions are constructed through power relaAonships between the sexes as well as in relaAon to class, race, sexuality, naAonality, religion, etc. Key Words & Key Terms Feminist Science Studies -   A subfield of gender studies interested in the relaAonship of gender to science, technology, and medicine -   Focuses on how science has shaped percepAons of sexual difference in various historical locaAons Anne Fausto- Sterling’s “The Five Sexes” Reading for the Author’s Argument –  Why does Fausto- Sterling believe male and female are not sufficient terms for classifying sex? –  What are the five sexes? –  What are t...
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