haney lpez the social construcon of race 52 key

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Unformatted text preview: Berkeley School of Law Key Concept: Social Construc<on of Race -   The social construc<on of race is a response to the debunking of biological race ager WWII -   Replaced by the term ethnicity – a group of people who perceive themselves or are perceived by others as sharing cultural traits such as language, religion, family customs, food preferences, etc. Key Quote: “There are no gene<c characteris<cs possessed by all Blacks but not by non- Blacks; similarly, there is no gene or cluster of genes common to all Whites but not to non- Whites…intragroup differences exceed intergroup differences.” - - Haney- López, “The Social Construc<on of Race” (52) Key Concept: Social Construc<on of Race -   scien<fic racism in the 1800s and early 1900...
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