16 there seem to very few happy heterosexuals

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Unformatted text preview: - - Johnson (32) Queer Iden<<es and LGBT Poli<cs “I worry that you’ll work in an office, have children, celebrate wedding anniversaries. The world of heterosexuals is a sick and boring life.” - - Edith Massey as Aunt Ida in John Waters’s cult classic Female Trouble (1974) ABC’s Modern Family Key Ques<ons What is sexual iden<ty? How have various scholars debated whether sexual iden<ty is fixed or plas<c? What does the term “queer” mean in a poli<cal sense? How does queer poli<cs challenge the mainstream LGBT movement and its focus on marriage equality? Queer Iden<<es and LGBT Poli<cs Brainstorm: Read the “heterosexual ques<onnaire” on the next two slides. How does it relate to our previous discussions of privilege? The Heterosexual Ques<onnaire 1. What do you think caused your heterosexuality? 2. When and where did you decide you were a heterosexual? 3. Is it possible this is just a phase and you will out grow it? 4. Is it possible that your sexual orienta<on has stemmed from a neuro<c fear of others of the same sex? 5. Do y...
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