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Unformatted text preview: s -   racial inventories of the body -   jus<fica<on of imperial expansion and colonial governance -   debate over human origins à༎ monogenism (single origin) vs. polygenism (mul<ple origins) Key Concept: Social Construc<on of Race •  racial categoriza<ons are based on human interac<on and social context rather than natural dis<nc<ons •  racial fabrica<on –  racial constructs are human made –  racial constructs are part of the larger social fabric that includes gender and class –  the meaning of racial constructs can change quickly –  racial constructs are rela<onal Key Concept: Social Construc<on of Race EXAMPLES—Supreme Court Case of Ozawa vs. United States (1922) -   Takeo Ozawa – born in Japan and studied...
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