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Howcanwereduce prejudiceand discrimination

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Unformatted text preview: Had to get permission for simple matters Writing a letter Using toilet Smoking a cigarette Severe punishment Severe punishment ► Made to do push ups while guard stepped on them or made another prisoner sit on them ► Made to clean toilet with bare hands ► Some placed in solitary confinement 2 weeks was shortened 2 weeks was shortened to 6 days due to concerns about the well­being and safety of the "prisoners “ Conclusion – our roles dictate our actions Still trying to comprehend the results of this experiment E – Attitudes & Attitude Change E – Attitudes & Attitude Change Cognitive Dissonance Cognitive Dissonance ► Dissonance is what we feel when there is incompatibility between our belief & our actions or attitudes ► an unpleasant state ► awareness of the inconsistencies ► We dissonance by changing the behavior or attitude, or by somehow explaining away the inconsistency or reducing its importance Methods of Reducing Cognitive Methods of Reducing Cognitive Dissonance Another illustration Change Behaviour Quit Smoking Explain Away Inconsistency “I’ll quit before it can hurt me.” “I really don’t smoke that much.” Source of Cognitive Dissonance Behaviour: “I smoke” Attitude: “Smoking Causes Cancer.” Change Attitude Smoking isn’t that dangerous Reduce Importance of Inconsistency “I have good genes; my family lives to ripe old age.” “I exercise & have a better diet than most people.” Social Cognition Social Cognition Understanding Others ► Schemas FRAMEWORK or FILTER for the sets of cognitions about people and social experiences Organize info stored in memory (STRUCTURE) give us a framework to categorize, store, remember, and interpret information relating to social stimuli F – Prejudice and Discrimination F – Prejudice and Discrimination Prejudice and Discrimination How do stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination differ? How can we reduce prejudice and discrimination? ► Social Cognition Mental processes that people use to notice, interpret, remember, and apply information a...
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